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Laura Loo's Ramblings

Dream a little dream...

Miss Rugrat
Hey there!

My name's Laura. I'm a fifteen year old New Zealander. Nicknames I go by are Rugrat, Lau, Laura Loo, Laurazilla, 'The Lauranator', 'The Homienator', Miss Rugrat, Miss Dodgy (hehe), Laurasaur(us). Call me any of those (lol), or Lau/Laura/Rugrat if you prefer: whatever floats your boat.

I'm a born extrovert, who loves to joke around with friends and family. I easily make friends and have no trouble in conversing as my usual self with acquaintances. I can always be found being loud, laughing or being social in some way or another, whether it be texting friends, talking on the phone or acting and contributing in sports. Yes. I am social.

I love to write fan fiction. If you like you can check out my fan fiction account below.

Mine and The Duelist's Heiress' (heiress_trial) coauthoring FFN account.

And here's my fiction press account.
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