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Quiz from TDH

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

1. For many years, I was a major Atem fangirl.

2. When I was very young, I even created a duel monster called Sparkle, which was a small, sparkly (OMG!? No way?) purple dinosaur that could turn into a human and was Atem's prized card. I used to jump on my trampoline and run around on all fours pretending I was dueling for Atem. Sparkle's attack/defence points were infinity. *facepalmfacepalmfacepalm*

3. I used to be a major tomboy.

4. I hate (my mum's) stew. ...Err, sorry, mum.

5. I used to loathe Marik, until I dreamt about him and then watched the second/third Yu-Gi-Oh series the day of the dream. That was in September 08; I've been a fangirl ever since.

6. When I was little I was obsessed with all things dinosaur. I even had a T-Rex puppet called Rex (NOWAY?! o.O) and I'd take him to school and would move his mouth, saying stuff and making out it was all him.

7. I'm obsessed with the Internet/laptop. Seriously, it's nearly impossible to get me off...unless I get tired or hear a funky song that I can't resist dancing to; the first thing I do when I wake up is turn on the Internet modem and hop on the laptop in bed. *is a hermit* -_-

I tag...anyone that wants to do it. *bleh at "C"*

Fanfic Alert!

The Duelist's Heiress (heiress_trial ) and I are co-authoring a Marik/OC fan fic!

Title: In A Name
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Main Characters: Marik Ishtar, A'isha Dahar (OC) and Amara Dahar (OC)
Warnings: OCs, if that counts. There'll be spoilers for Season 2/3, too.
Summary: A'isha only knows Marik's name; nothing about the man behind the name, just as Marik knows something about the girl who knows his name, and yet he doesn't know her name.

Check out our account! www.fanfiction.net/~mmanipulative33
And certainly check out In A Name's prologue! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5696558/1/In_A_Name

New Userpics!

I'm back from the camping trip. I'm probably too lazy to share everything that happened, not that you are probably very interested, anyway. Lol.

Thought it was about time I changed a few userpics. Like the newies?


*Points to userpic at top left...* That's my default pic and I absolutely adore it! Oh, and the pic at the end is of Carmen and Marik. I drew and coloured it. :)

FYI, I'm becoming a Fallen fangirl. OMG. Cam is a bad boy and he's so awesome!! But Daniel's so cute, sexy and mysterious! I'm torn between the two guys. Oh, and not a sparkly vampire in sight! Yus! Sorry to those that like Twilight. It's alright, but I simply love Fallen! I definitely recommend it! =]

Now that I've finished fangirling, that is all.

Going Away

I'm going up north with Steph and Anneke today. What's neat is that on the front cover of today's Herald newspaper, there was a news article saying that a group of Orca whales swam alongside some kayakers at Tokerau, the beach we're gonna be at. It's like...a...a sign or something. O___O

The car ride is five hours. Anneke's dad is taking us for the first half. Anneke's mum's taking us for the second half. It'll be Anneke, Steph and I in our own tent. I'm bringing drawing and writing stuff. Not my laptop, though, unfortunately. I'm not aloud. Hopefully I don't go into a crazy-depression kinda state, cause lasting without a computer or laptop for six days is...insane...well, for me. XD

I wonder if Anneke and Steph know that Orcas don't eat or harm humans? Hmm...if not, I might have some fun. Bwahahaha! I'm a good actor, so I can pretend to be anxious when  tell em that, oh I don't know, Orcas (Killer whales) are man-eating whales! Muahaha! XD

Anyway, gotta be at Anneke's dad's in twenty minutes. Laters, everyone! XoX

Writer's Block: Promises, promises

What, if any, resolutions did you make in 2009 and how many did you keep? Do you plan to make any resolutions for 2010? Do you find this tradition constructive or debilitating?

I didn't set myself any goals last year, but these are my goals for this year:

1) Improve in drawing - both realism and anime.
2) Finish my fan fic "Change is Inevitable".
3) Improve my grades in school. I want at least a merit (B) for every test I do.
4) Don't be so much of a hermit (although this kinda contradicts everything above...lol).

You should all set goals for the new year, too. :D

Short Post

Felt like working on Seshafi: The Sinister Past. I have so many ideas for it (big and small). Currently at 415 words.


Saw Avatar today with my parents. It's in 3D. Amazing. I loved it. The graphics were superb. I fell in love with every species on the planet, Pandora. It's interesting that the bad guys are... well, I won't spoil it (sorry if it's obvious, now).


Had a blast at Carols By The Sea last night.


Bought a book at Borders today that I get as an earlier Christmas present. Fallen by Lauren Kate. It immediately caught my eye the other day and it sounds great. Then, I wound up convincing mum to buy it for me (it was $36.99 NZD) today. Whoot! That is all.

Meme Time

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Social Nerd

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Drama Nerd
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What Be Your Nerd Type? Quiz Created on GoToQuiz


Variety of Stuff

Well, I've got a bit so say. In my head it never sounds like much, but then it ends up being really long when written. Lol. [Be jealous of me and my yummy Wendies flakeshake. YUM! :P ... lol.]

To start things off, patrolling Red Beach went well. I signed in; swapped my medium-sized uniform for a small top and extra small pants; met my patrol captain (I'd already talked to him and had thought he was really nice).

I befriended this girl called Ashleigh. She's twenty and studies Business at University. She knows my oldest sister, Alana, and used to work at my dad's work, so she also knew my dad. Dad remembered her whole name, too. She was nice and we just talked, while sitting on the lookout tower (I don't know why they call it a tower... it's probably two meters high...lol.) and we laughed and joked around. I also saw Anneke walking with her dad, when Ash had gone to get something from her bag up in the club. I talked to her for a minute or two.

I treated a blood nose and talked on the radio, but that was it. Haha. Ash and I were joking about how all the lifeguards just sit at the picnic table and talk (cause nothing ever happens at Red Beach). We were pretending to talk on the radio and were saying all seriously, "Red Beach Picnic Table, Red Beach Picnic Table. This is Red Beach Tower. Do you read me? Over." Lol.

Tonight, the family and I are going to Carols by Twilight, which New World (dad's work) sponsor. It's down at Orewa Beach. Because dad's the manager at New World, we get to go in the V.I.P tent and get free food and shelter etc. Muahaha! Holly and her family might come down, so I said she could join me and raide all the food (like chocolates, strawerries with chocolate sauce, crackers and cheese/dip!) *drool!* She's on board with that. XD  

My cousin, Sam, was gonna come up today and was gonna stay until Christmas Eve, but now he's coming up on Dec 27th and leaving on Dec 3rd or something. Yay for prolonging the inevitable! :D

I'm working on an Anniversary Oneshot for CII. It's at almost 4,000 words at the moment. Gotta update Change is Inevitable, too. And start chapter, uhm, seven? of Toying With My Emotions.

Lastly, on Jan 6th, I'll be disappearing from world wide web for about six days. I'm probably going up north with some mates from Jan 6th to Jan 12th. We'll be in a huge tent at Anneke's section right on the beach. It'll just be Steph, Anneke and I in the tent. I just know Steph's gonna do her epic expression of a sheep. She actually sounds exactly like one. Maybe I'll do my one of the School Librarian... or abridged Marik. I can put on tons of voices. Woot! It makes people laugh, which makes me happy. ^O^

Meme stolen from Wretchh. I'm badass.

I'm kind of procrastinating from writing, but this shouldn't take too long~ .__.

Have you ever watched a movie in another language?
Yes. Rec. It zombie horror in Spanish.

What did you do today that you didn't do yesterday? Err. I didn't go straight onto the laptop when I woke up?

Can you fit into your best friend's shoes? Definitely not Holly's. Steph's... I don't know.

Have you ever experienced an airport hug? Is that being hugged in an airport? Lol. Only by family.

Do you know anyone with a genital piercing? ... I don't know.

Was last New Year's enjoyable? I can't remember. I think it was just like any other night. I know I stayed up till midnight, though. I think I was writing CII and drawing, whilst sitting in bed.

Do you have a poster on your ceiling? Nope. Holly thinks I should smother my ceiling with Marik posters. Lol.

What brand of shoes did you wear today? Haven't worn any shoes yet.

When was the last time you saw your father? Last night. He left for work before I woke up this morning.

What could you go for right now? A buffet of delicious food.

Are you taking a language course currently? French.

Do you have a lighter in your room? Nope.

What classes did you have today? I'm on holiday until Feb 2nd.

What are you listening to? To The Moon And Back - East Clubbers

What is your hair like at the moment? Brown. Kind of wet from showering. Tied up in a bun.

What's the book you're reading called? River God by Wilbur Smith

Has anyone ever told you that they want to spend the rest of their life with you? No.

Do you get along with girls? Yep.

What were you doing 3 nights ago? Probably writing on the laptop.

Do you think people have any misconceptions about you? Yes.

Who's the last person you had a deep meaningful conversation with? I... don't know.

What's on your mind right now? Writing CII. Today it's CII's one year anniversary. Well, it's meant to be on the seventeenth of Dec, but FFN goes by US times. I would've posted it on the eighteenth of Dec, NZ time. Yeah, so I wanna update it today. 2615 words so far, and I have another long scene to write~ .__.

Do you have family problems? Occasionally.

Were you smiling when you woke up this morning? I never smile when I wake up in the morning, unless something good's gonna happen. I'm usually too bitter and lethargic in the morning. When people say good morning, I reply with, "Mmmmm." Like... a drawled groan. XD

What color is your hair? Brown. As I got older, it changed from REALLY light blond (like Marik's hair, kinda!) to medium brown. I think it's still darkening, too.

Do you tell your best friend EVERYTHING? For the most part.

How have you felt today? Alright, I guess.

If you're single, why? I don't like anyone and I'm not interested in having a boyfriend. At fourteen, a relationhip isn't very likely to work out, anyway. . . and it wouldn't be very serious~ .__.

Do you like your name? I don't really think about it. I sometimes wish I had been called something that isn't as popular.

Think back to the last person who kissed you, how many times have they made you cry? I don't know if they ever made me cry. I tend to skip straight to pissed off. I'm very hot-headed at times.

Is the last person you hugged mad at you? Nope.

Did you kiss or hug anyone today? No.

What's something you really want right now, be honest? To be taller... and really tanned.

Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex? Yep. Josh. Turne out to be a perv. We were, like, ten and he said to this older guy that I had sex with him. What. The. Hell. Yeah. I was pissed and told him we weren't friends anymore. Psssh. We never even kissed, the immature prick.

Has anyone said they love you in the last week? Actual love? Nope.

What is the most irritating thing? I don't know. Lots of things irritate me. I can't decide.

Does a kiss make you feel better? Kisses, so far for me, are followed by hurt... so, right now, I'm inclined to say no.

Who was your last text from? My cousin, Sam.

Where was your default pic taken? In Yu-Gi-Oh!!! XD

Have you ever lost a close friend? Yes. Usually because we aren't in the same class during the next year of school.

Where do you wish you were right now? Um... I don't know?

Have a crazy side? Definitely.

Who do you trust right now? A few people... Holly, Steph, Anneke, TDH, sometimes my family...

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? Jay Jays

Who is your friend that lives closest to you? Anneke (her dad's house). Tyla. Sarah.

What should you be doing right now? Writing.

Who was the last person to make you laugh? I don't know. Mum.

Who was the last person to make you sad? Not sure...

Is your hair curly or straight? Wavey and annoying. DX

Has anyone ever called you scrumptious? No. Who says that? Lol. I've been called attractive, beautiful and sexy. XD

Held hands with the opposite sex in the past 3 days? Nope.

Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle? Haha. Yeah.

Are you happy with life right now? It could be a lot better, but it could be a lot worse. I know that.

What jewelry are you currently wearing? My Pandora charm bracelet. I never take it off... even though I'm not really a jewelery person. It's different with Pandoras.

Have you ever had your heart broken? Nope.

Have you ever broken someone's heart? I don't know. Maybe.

Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now? Probably. XD


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Sincerely, jour_reveur
Ooooh. I've been a very naughty girl~ Spank me!
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