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I don't know what to think...

Over the past few weeks, my dad's been acting incredibly weird. On one hand, he's been really nice to my sisters and I; telling us he loves us on a daily basis, hugging us a ton, sparking up great convos with us. One time, following my dad telling me he loves me, to which I returned the words, "I love you too..." (it's awkward for me saying those kind of things), my dad continued to ask, "No matter what?" in total seriousness. After a short moment of incredulity on my part, I drawled out a confused 'yes'.

And on the other hand, dad's been a total jerk to my mum; being really spiteful and bitter about things he shouldn't towards her, and just being a major jerk about things that don't make sense - that never happens; my parents always get along. There's a lot he's been doing that has us suspecting.

My sister; brother-in-law; and my one-year-old nephew, Jayden, are moving back in this weekend (long weekend because of the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday for New Zealand) to live due to my other sister, Rachael, (a major bitch) kicking them out of the house they rented from her boyfriend's parents...just so she and her boyfriend could live there.

What I really hate is that my mother is actually wondering if he's cheating on her, planning a divorce, or some combination thereof. I hope this is not the case; especially as it would really suck ass if he was planning it after my sister and her family are moving back in with my parents and I because of all the hassle to pack and unpack, etc. - my mum said something along those lines.

Hopefully, she'll talk to dad when he gets home. He's been out drinking tonight, on a Thursday night; he never drinks. He's really annoying and scaring me too. I really hope dad isn't cheating or desiring a divorce. I don't think I can handle spending time with him after this, if that is the case; not to mention my lifestyle will change. I love the way I live: comfortable, fairly wealthy; it's pleasant. I don't want things to change. Just thinking about it is clawing tears of dread into my eyes.


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Jun. 9th, 2010 09:43 pm (UTC)
Hey, all gonna be alright :)
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