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I'm Alive

Haven't really been bothered with LJ lately, but I've got nothing better to do right now...well, nothing I really feel like doing anyway.

I suppose I should catch up with things I usually post here...without rambling on like I tend to accidentally do.

Writings In The Works:

Change is Inevitable, Chap. 36
Tendrils of Deception, Chap. 2
Toying With My Emotions, Chap. 11
Character Reminiscence, Rem. #6
Unnamed Marik/OC fic, Chap. 1
Marik/Tea Shot
Drabble, Marik/OC
AU, Sensing Murder/Yu-Gi-Oh (CII, Alternate Universe) crossover fic (Note it will only be posted here as Sensing Murder is a reality show that inspired me with the sadisticness of this short fic...) If you want to know about Sensing Murder, click here.

I've probably forgotten something, but oh well.

Now then, onto some ongoings in my life...as this is a journal.

First of all, I'm enjoying Westlake Girls High School (WGHS) so far. Made lots of friends and the forty five minute bus rides to and from school are actually quite nice for daydreaming. We have a bendy bus now, so it's not as crammed as it was for the first few weeks of the school term. FYI, I catch the public bus with Holly and her little sister, Olivia, in the morning, but the school bus on the way home, which requires a bus transfer half way. I also found a friend in Maths class who's almost as crazy as I am. She's a Johnny Depp fangirl. I must say, she's Johnny-fying me too. I bought a dark grey shirt yesterday with Johnny as the Mad Hatter on it...and I'm wearing it right now. I love him in the new Alice in Wonderland movie. So cute, and I totally ship Alice and Hatter. I'll never leave Marik though. Lol.
Well, my maths teacher, Mr. Hartley, is a pedophile. I had made a dodgy comment in his class and he'd heard, cause he'd been grinning at my friend and I after I'd said it. Me: ..........Hello. Mr. Hartley: Hello. 8D Then after school, Lisa said goodbye to him, so I was just like, "Laters, Mr. Hartley." He winked and grinned at me after replying with, "Goodbye, Laura." o.O
My Science teachers actually loathe me. It's as clear as day. I won't go into detail, though...unless you ask. They just do, okay? O_O
Oh, and I went on a Geography trip down south to Rotorua at the beginning of the month. I made, like, ten new friends just from the trip, four of which I made because I have abs and muscles. Long story, though, but yes; I have abs and muscles. Hahaha. I also scaled a huge mountain (Mt. Tarawera). We went inside the crater, which was veeerrry steep, and this walk was really life threatening. One slip and you'd have lost your balance and fallen into a very steep trench. Apparently three people have died on the walk or something. Nyarrr. Now I've scaled two big mountains. The Tongariro Crossing on, you guessed it, Mt. Tongariro. That was 18.5km long, and also life threatening. Gah!
Hmmm...My birthday is on March 22nd, and I'll be turning fifteen! Whoo! I wanna get a webcam; they're all around $80, which is my birthday budget, so...I must be very cautious with what I get. My mum thought I wouldn't be getting one with sound. WTF. Of course you get something with sound. That'd just be weird.
Also, I'm really hating my family at the moment. Well...over the past month or so. It seems that as soon as my school life is good, my family life must get screwed up, but that just might be because my sisters (mostly Rachael) are being bitches. I actually wanna give her a friggin backhand or two...maybe three...across the freaking face. Far out, I really hate her. She should just jump in front of a bus, the stupid, knarky cow who's bitter, takes it out on others, suffers frequent PMS and pokes her knarky nose into things that aren't her business AND things she knows absolutely NOTHING about.
Lastly, school holidays in two weeks. They start on April 2nd and Holly and I are dishing up April Fools pranks for our teacher, Mr. De Jon 'DJ'. Hannah and I are also scheming up a prank to pull on Holly. I suggested ninja'ing into her house and covering her bedroom door with gladwrap before she wakes up, so she walks into it and thinks, "OMG. WTF?!" XD Ingenius, isn't it? >:D

Anyway, I guess I should stop here. Laters.


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Mar. 15th, 2010 10:18 pm (UTC)
"Mr. De Jon 'DJ'" -LOL He probably likes to joke)) or not?)
As I understand, Mt. Tarawera it's dormant volcano, cool.Have you got a photo's it? Probably very beautiful, especially on the top.)
What abs?
Mar. 16th, 2010 03:21 am (UTC)
I wish. He doesn't really like me cause I can be a smart ass, but he does have his funny moments.
Yep. I have photos on my camera, but I can't find the cord to connect it to my computer. My friend took tons of pics and posted them of Facebook too.
Abs are abdominal muscles. Stomach muscles. 8D
Mar. 16th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
ook, clearly. That's good), sportswoman)
Please, upload photos, if you find cable. Interesting to look at a boiling lava.haha
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