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Hmm. Well, it's been way too long since I last posted on here. (And I have 1780 messages. OMG.) But I thought I'd tell anyone that may possibly still look at this journal (which I doubt) that I've moved to the username violette-ombre. So if you like, head over to violette-ombre.livejournal.com and follow me. :)



Question Meme.

Leave a comment saying 'Questions?' and I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity. Update your journal with the answers to your questions. Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Questions asked by [info]heiress_trial. Thanks for asking. :o)

1. What is the best scene for any of your fics you have ever written?
Hmm...Probably one of the dodgy scenes I've thrown CII Marik into. Chapter 26 or Chapter 37 of Change is Inevitable. I can't decide. If it was based on satisfaction at writing the scene, then something from Haunted, like the dream scene with Kelsi and Yami Marik. >.<

2. What makes you laugh most?
I laugh at too many things, but it's probably ironic or sick-minded stuff I laugh at the most. Or stuff I'm thinking and snickering at, then someone else states it. I laugh too much. Heh. ^.^U

3. What scene from a YGO fanfic or cannon makes you cry without fail?
When Atem leaves, for sure, and it takes a lot to make me cry. Seriously. I'm as hard as a rock. Lol.

4. Where do you go to think?
Either my room, for a walk to the swings or beach. I also like to just sit in my conservatory and think in there. In my house, that room has the most amazing view of the ocean and it's really warm and open. :D

5. Are there any other pairings beside Marik X OC that you enjoy?
I enjoy Jack Sparrow X OC (Pirates of the Caribbean), Mad Hatter X OC (Alice in Wonderland, 2010 version), Kohaku X Chihiro (Spirited Away), Atem X OC, Yami Marik X OC,  and Malik X Anzu X Marik (last three all YGO, even though the last isn't really a pairing, cause there's there of em). They have to be amazing though, otherwise I lose interest.

I feel so uttely miserable.

It's seriously one of those f*cking days where you can't help but stare at a f*cking steak knife and weigh all the pros and cons. This morning, after I misplaced my bus card and looked absolutely everywhere for it, my mum screamed at me continuously, as usual saying I was a stupid, selfish, unappreciative little cow and some far more vulgar language. It feels as if my whole family has been on my case lately, partially because I don't do my chores, sometimes, immediately when I get home from school. Maybe after an hour or so I'll do it, instead of straight away. I've only gotten worse lately, because my family has been on my case about such meagre things. Sure, if i didn't do my chore for a few days I could understand their constant nagging (although not the f*cking insults that go with the nagging), but a f*cking hour? What the hell!

I've been contemplating the reason I've been drawling out my chore each day, and I think it's because I automatically go into my room and onto my computer because I don't want to speak with my family; I know that whenever I do speak with them, they only make me feel miserable. Believe me, I'm very hard to shatter and break down to the point where I cry. I've cried thrice today.

During our enormous argument this morning, out of nowhere I screamed, "Shut the hell up, you miserable cow! You make me feel so horrible that I actually consider thrusting a f*cking knife into my head!" because I only wantied my mum to shut up and leave me alone because I felt so miserable. She yelled back, "Well then why don't you f*cking do it already, you f*cking stupid little bitch!?"

I then stormed outside, almost hyperventilating, slammed the door behind me and got my brother-in-law to drive me to a bus stop just before the motorway that leads to Auckland city and my school, a forty minute bus ride away.

I was so glad to be out of this f*cking house and eventually became a bit less distraught as the day went on. Speaking of which, I got to school at 9.15am, missing form class which starts at 8.45am and missing 10 minutes of Economics. Lucky Mrs Shankar believed me when she asked why I was late and I replied, "I had to stay behind and discuss something with my form teacher."

The day was pretty good with my friends to cheer me up, although I couldn't help but feel a bitter edge looming over me all day. I felt alright though. But when I got home, my mum was fine and I decided to just get my stupid chores out of the way so I could go in my room, even though my mum "banned" me from the computer this morning until I don't know when; she didn't say. Then I was utterly furious, after all the frustration that had been dormant after this morning, when my computer mouse stopped working and no other mouse works with the computer. It has all of my writing and everything on it...Just everything. I need it to update my iPod and just...gah! It's what I use to escape my family when I'mat home, an I know it'll effect my fanfic writing and updating, which is already terrible because of school and just...not feeling in the mood to write anything other than horror/mystery/suspense. Probably because that's depressing. My parents would also never pay for a new mouse, not because of money; because they're just selfish, arrogant little jerks like that. And because they must hate me half as much as I hate them. I just know it, so basically that computer is now unavailable to me.

My mum seems to think I have a 'serious problem'. I told her there's a reason I really care about the computer. When she bitched about what it was and denying that it was a valid reason, other than my 'serious problem', I hissed that it was because it was my way of avoiding my horrible family when actually at home; because I could go to my own little world to write; because I could talk with people, whether online or real life friends who I've known for a long time...People that actually care for me and don't make me feel miserable. Thee only 'serious problem' I may have is insanity, depression, anger management (hah, ever-so-slightly, if at all) or some combination there of, and no doubt induced by how they treat me.

Also, I got a fantastic mid-year school report, and yet my parents have to have thiss huge stress over one tiny little thing, when I'm half way to passing NCEA, even though it's only half way through the school year and most people are only a third or a quarter of the way to passing NCEA. Also, considering I've only sat 1/4 of my tests, because over half of the tests I sit for credits to pass happen at the end of the year (external tests). I hate my family so much. I really do.

I don't know what to think...

Over the past few weeks, my dad's been acting incredibly weird. On one hand, he's been really nice to my sisters and I; telling us he loves us on a daily basis, hugging us a ton, sparking up great convos with us. One time, following my dad telling me he loves me, to which I returned the words, "I love you too..." (it's awkward for me saying those kind of things), my dad continued to ask, "No matter what?" in total seriousness. After a short moment of incredulity on my part, I drawled out a confused 'yes'.

And on the other hand, dad's been a total jerk to my mum; being really spiteful and bitter about things he shouldn't towards her, and just being a major jerk about things that don't make sense - that never happens; my parents always get along. There's a lot he's been doing that has us suspecting.

My sister; brother-in-law; and my one-year-old nephew, Jayden, are moving back in this weekend (long weekend because of the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday for New Zealand) to live due to my other sister, Rachael, (a major bitch) kicking them out of the house they rented from her boyfriend's parents...just so she and her boyfriend could live there.

What I really hate is that my mother is actually wondering if he's cheating on her, planning a divorce, or some combination thereof. I hope this is not the case; especially as it would really suck ass if he was planning it after my sister and her family are moving back in with my parents and I because of all the hassle to pack and unpack, etc. - my mum said something along those lines.

Hopefully, she'll talk to dad when he gets home. He's been out drinking tonight, on a Thursday night; he never drinks. He's really annoying and scaring me too. I really hope dad isn't cheating or desiring a divorce. I don't think I can handle spending time with him after this, if that is the case; not to mention my lifestyle will change. I love the way I live: comfortable, fairly wealthy; it's pleasant. I don't want things to change. Just thinking about it is clawing tears of dread into my eyes.

Absolutely Despicable

Dear United Airlines,

I recently had the misfortune of booking a flight on your airline. Flight 844 to fly from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California from 11:51am-2pm on April 5, 2010. I say misfortune because the events of that flight have left such a poor taste in my mouth and horrible feelings in regards to the personnel working for you that I highly doubt myself or any of my friends, family, and acquaintances will every use your airlines again.

...For more, read the letter at the link below. It's seriously simply outraging! D:<


I'm Alive

Haven't really been bothered with LJ lately, but I've got nothing better to do right now...well, nothing I really feel like doing anyway.

I suppose I should catch up with things I usually post here...without rambling on like I tend to accidentally do.

Writings In The Works:

Change is Inevitable, Chap. 36
Tendrils of Deception, Chap. 2
Toying With My Emotions, Chap. 11
Character Reminiscence, Rem. #6
Unnamed Marik/OC fic, Chap. 1
Marik/Tea Shot
Drabble, Marik/OC
AU, Sensing Murder/Yu-Gi-Oh (CII, Alternate Universe) crossover fic (Note it will only be posted here as Sensing Murder is a reality show that inspired me with the sadisticness of this short fic...) If you want to know about Sensing Murder, click here.

I've probably forgotten something, but oh well.

Now then, onto some ongoings in my life...as this is a journal.

First of all, I'm enjoying Westlake Girls High School (WGHS) so far. Made lots of friends and the forty five minute bus rides to and from school are actually quite nice for daydreaming. We have a bendy bus now, so it's not as crammed as it was for the first few weeks of the school term. FYI, I catch the public bus with Holly and her little sister, Olivia, in the morning, but the school bus on the way home, which requires a bus transfer half way. I also found a friend in Maths class who's almost as crazy as I am. She's a Johnny Depp fangirl. I must say, she's Johnny-fying me too. I bought a dark grey shirt yesterday with Johnny as the Mad Hatter on it...and I'm wearing it right now. I love him in the new Alice in Wonderland movie. So cute, and I totally ship Alice and Hatter. I'll never leave Marik though. Lol.
Well, my maths teacher, Mr. Hartley, is a pedophile. I had made a dodgy comment in his class and he'd heard, cause he'd been grinning at my friend and I after I'd said it. Me: ..........Hello. Mr. Hartley: Hello. 8D Then after school, Lisa said goodbye to him, so I was just like, "Laters, Mr. Hartley." He winked and grinned at me after replying with, "Goodbye, Laura." o.O
My Science teachers actually loathe me. It's as clear as day. I won't go into detail, though...unless you ask. They just do, okay? O_O
Oh, and I went on a Geography trip down south to Rotorua at the beginning of the month. I made, like, ten new friends just from the trip, four of which I made because I have abs and muscles. Long story, though, but yes; I have abs and muscles. Hahaha. I also scaled a huge mountain (Mt. Tarawera). We went inside the crater, which was veeerrry steep, and this walk was really life threatening. One slip and you'd have lost your balance and fallen into a very steep trench. Apparently three people have died on the walk or something. Nyarrr. Now I've scaled two big mountains. The Tongariro Crossing on, you guessed it, Mt. Tongariro. That was 18.5km long, and also life threatening. Gah!
Hmmm...My birthday is on March 22nd, and I'll be turning fifteen! Whoo! I wanna get a webcam; they're all around $80, which is my birthday budget, so...I must be very cautious with what I get. My mum thought I wouldn't be getting one with sound. WTF. Of course you get something with sound. That'd just be weird.
Also, I'm really hating my family at the moment. Well...over the past month or so. It seems that as soon as my school life is good, my family life must get screwed up, but that just might be because my sisters (mostly Rachael) are being bitches. I actually wanna give her a friggin backhand or two...maybe three...across the freaking face. Far out, I really hate her. She should just jump in front of a bus, the stupid, knarky cow who's bitter, takes it out on others, suffers frequent PMS and pokes her knarky nose into things that aren't her business AND things she knows absolutely NOTHING about.
Lastly, school holidays in two weeks. They start on April 2nd and Holly and I are dishing up April Fools pranks for our teacher, Mr. De Jon 'DJ'. Hannah and I are also scheming up a prank to pull on Holly. I suggested ninja'ing into her house and covering her bedroom door with gladwrap before she wakes up, so she walks into it and thinks, "OMG. WTF?!" XD Ingenius, isn't it? >:D

Anyway, I guess I should stop here. Laters.

Writer's Block: My word

If you could have the writing ability of one author, who would you choose, and why? Would you exchange writing styles permanently?

Wilbur Smith or J.K. Rowling. Wilbur Smith because his description is beautiful and his writing is simply superb. J.K. Rowling because she creates scenes within your mind and doesn't drabble on and bore you. They're both so imaginative too. Wow.

Writer's Block: Categorically speaking ...

If the interior discussion in your head were indexed by category, what would the five most recurring subjects be?

1. School
2. Marik
3. Fan Fiction
4. Understanding (human emotions, weather, what causes this and that...I just think like that frequently.)
5. Music in relation to writing (prompts, ideas...inspirational stuff. Y'know?)

Meh. Probably wrong. I don't know my own mind very well...and it's my mind. Now that's saying something. XD

Writer's Block: 420 friendly?

A number of U.S. states are planning to legalize marijuana. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, and why?

Some have said that marijuana is being legalized for medical reasons, or that it should be legal as one should choose what goes into their own bodies. I, myself, think this would be a very imbecilic decision, should states actually decide to legalize marijuana. Drugs are one of the things that influence and corrupt the human mind. They're often associated with murder (I've heard in detail of several cases where drugs were a prime reason for a dealer/consumer of such murdering, after drug deals gone wrong and the like). It's all good and fine that it's their body and that they should choose how they wish to treat it...until other's suffer for their foolish choices, whether murdered or simply being raised poorly by drug-corrupted parents. Drugs ruin not only the person, but also their family and friends...as well as their performance in tasks (therefore their work-performance could be poorer), and I truly think that if marijuana becomes legal, that'd be a very foolish choice having been made.

Drabble Meme

Taken from:  nuitsongeur

The Drabble Dare Meme!

Dare me to write a drabble.
No matter how kinky or no matter how much I like/dislike the pairing, I will write it for you.
Only pairings and threesomes allowed! No four+ character orgies!
Specify the rating you want, from G to X.
I'll write for the fandoms of Yu-Gi-Oh (not GX/5Ds, though), or Phantom of the Opera.

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